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All our teenagers are stars, simply seeking ways to shine. And if we help them fly, many of them will soar.

But a lot of today’s teens simply need to know there is more to life than what they see, hear and feel every day. They need something or someone to lift them.

The National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo (NBTEE) will show our teens how much we care about and believe in them. We’ll give them their own stage to tell us what’s important to them. We’ll applaud all their talent, “style” and “skills”. And we’ll grant them the people and resources to achieve at home and in school, and so they can shine throughout life.

The NBTEE also connects those of us who want to make a stronger commitment to our teenagers, and are willing to work with them in discussing and delivering creative and consistent ways to make sure they become even better sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and greater academic achievers and professional successes.

With so many negative influences of media, society, peer pressure and even environment, our teens need us more today than ever before. There are many ways you can work with us. We need your support and assistance. And we need your suggestions as to what you feel we can do, together, to positively impact our teenagers at the expos and in our communities.

The NBTEE is more than just an expo. It's programs like TEEN IDOL, a city-wide talent search and auditions to help us find and feature the most gifted teens at the expo and beyond.  It's The National Black TEEN Radio Show that spotlights many teen achievers and provides a forum for us to discuss and deliver solutions that help our teens make the most out of life.  The NBTEE is about providing our community of children consistent programs and resources, and building an organized national youth movement to improve the quality of living and learning for our teenage generation all over the country. If you’d like to be a part of the progress and receive our newsletter, email us at info@nbtee.org or call us (toll free) at 888.687.7248.

The National Black TEEN Empowerment Expo is also providing very rewarding opportunities for individuals who want to financially invest in our teens, and we're actively seeking experienced strategic partners who can deliver a specific expertise that will benefit our future successes. For more information click here or call 734.395.3079. This website is in the works and it will ultimately become a vital resource for teenagers 24 / 7 / 365. How? You tell me at rgordon@nbtee.org.

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National Black Teen Radio

National Black Teen Radio

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